Chronicling the 1 Percent’s War on America's Middle Class

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Christie’s sweetheart deal with ExxonMobil?

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says he wants to settle an $8.9 billion environmental lawsuit against ExxonMobil for just $250 million. That’s not even three cents on the dollar. Bradley Campbell, former commissioner of...

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Scott Walker Secretly Meets with the Koch Brothers

Watchdog organizations Common Cause and the Center for Media and Democracy jointly filed a public records request today seeking details of Governor Scott Walker’s trip to a secret fundraising retreat hosted by billionaire industrialist...

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Wyoming Republicans Kill Medicaid Expansion

On Friday, the  Republican-controlled Wyoming Senate voted 19-11 to reject Medicaid expansion, which would have extended health care coverage to over 17,000 low-income, uninsured residents. Lawmakers voted down the expansion, even though it had the...

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Wisconsin’s Forty Year War On Unions

Forty years ago the owners of Milwaukee’s meat packing plants launched a war on unions. Milwaukee’s working class is still suffering from losing that war. On January 25, 1975, over 700 members of Local...

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Even Republicans Love Social Security

Unlike some current Republican politicians, Ronald Reagan knew better than to try to destroy Social Security. A new book makes the case for strengthening Social Security and expanding it.

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It’s Time to Stop Subsidizing Inequality

Nearly every week there is some major conference on the subject of inequality. They are often led by prominent people, with six or seven figure incomes, pontificating on why inequality has grown and what...