George W. Bush: Asleep At The Wheel Before The 9/11 Attacks

On August 6, 2001, George W. Bush was on a month-long vacation at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. That morning, the White House Counsel handed him his daily national security briefing.

The headline on the security briefing read: BIN LADEN DETERMINED TO STRIKE IN U.S. On the top page it also said that bin Laden would use planes in the attack.

After listening to the briefer, Bush reportedly replied, “All right. You’ve covered your ass, now.”

When planes crashed into the World Trade Center a month later on September 11, it was Bush who tried to cover his own ass by fighting to keep the August 6 national security briefing secret.

However, on April 10, 2004, the Bush White House was forced to release the briefing under pressure from the 9/11 Commission, which was investigating the events that led up to the attack.

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